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Who Can I Turn To - James T. And The Workers* - Who Can I Turn To / That Is All (Vinyl)

4 thoughts on “ Who Can I Turn To - James T. And The Workers* - Who Can I Turn To / That Is All (Vinyl)

  1. Sep 25,  · Read on for their explanation and what you can do about it. The NLRB issued its ruling in a case involving a medical center and an employee responsible for sterilizing equipment. When the normal sterilization method was unavailable (due to a broken steam-pipe), the employee was instructed to use an alternative method to sterilize surgical.
  2. However, I feel as though I have to do part of your work as well. I feel frustrated because I would like to be able to get through on time so that I can go home to my family. I know that you would like to do that also. We both know that it is important that we have everything ready for the morning shift so that they can start work on time.”.
  3. Threaten workers or coerce them in an attempt to influence their vote. Threaten a union member through a third party. Promise employees a reward or a future benefit if they decide “no union”. Tell employees overtime work (and premium pay) will be discontinued if the plant is unionized. Say unionization will force the company to lay off.
  4. If he’s oblivious, politely ask if he could turn it down a notch. “My earbuds aren’t the best, so between your music and this office’s chaos, I can’t focus! Haha.” Sometimes, making a half-joke out of the situation and commiserating can take a potentially awkward exchange and make it feel less cringe-worthy.

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