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Adult Comedy Monologue

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  1. Comedic monologue for Adult Female Actresses. Min. Written by: Marc Lawrence, Katie Ford, and Caryn Lucas GRACIE HART: Well, I would say that I used to be one of them.
  2. A list of great Female Monologues This is a list of great monologues for women. It includes a range of both Dramatic and Comedic monologues. This list comprises mainly of classical texts. Classical texts are typically.
  3. 10 Comedic Monologues for Girls, Ages 14 – Young Adult; 10 Monologues for High School Males They Haven’t Heard; 10 Monologues from Characters Who Are People of Color; 10 Monologues from Latino, Latina, and Hispanic Characters; 10 Monologue from Characters Coping With Mental Illness; 10 Comedic Monologues from Characters Suffering an.
  4. 10 New Monologues for Young Adult Males. Written by Tiffany Weagly-Wilkie. March 9, Guys, are you looking for a strong monologue for an audition or competition that shows off your skills as a comedic actor? We’ve pulled ten from our library that will give you an edge in the room. A monologue from Born and Raised by Kristine M. Reyes.
  5. Funny Monologues from Movies. Hitch () Plot – Alex ‘Hitch’ Hicthens is a ‘date doctor’ to the guys, who just can’t seem to profess their love for their belle. Here’s his rather witty monologue about his job, and about women in general. Protagonist – Alex.
  6. Little Racist Things. Third Place Winner By: Thandie C., Age 12, New Zealand Description: A middle-schooler talks about racism among children/kids from their point of view, in front of their class for an English assignment. Gender: Any Genre: Dramatic It’s the little things that are racist. Like for example, there’s that coloured pencil, which is a peach colour, that everyone calls ‘skin.
  7. Pick a monologue that is age-appropriate. If you’re in your 20’s, don’t choose a monologue for a detective who’s about to retire. Choose a monologue that is suitable for the role you want. Are you auditioning for a comedy? Pick a comedic monologue! Want to get a role in a drama? Pick a dramatic one. Find Your 1 Minute Monologue Below!
  8. One Minute Monologues; One minute monologues are not easy to find. If you have to perform a short monologue for an audition or class, you need to find a one minute monologue that tells a story, conveys emotions and keeps the audience interested. Here we have a collection of original and interesting one minute monologues for men and women.

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